Agen Domino QQ

Agen Domino QQ

Agen Domino QQ Understanding And How To Play It

Agen Domino QQ is one of the generic game types. And usually in Indonesia the form is just a or a few small cards that have a size of 3 × 5 cm with a base color of yellow or even white which in the middle has endols that have a function as a substitute for numbers.

Agen Domino QQ

Domino you can make as a friend or also you can use as one way repellent bored when gathered with family. But for now, dominoes can also be used to find the money coffers. Why is that? Because it has many casinos that provide this game, either directly or even online.

Is not the game on the casino table just a poker game? No, because obviously many online gambling that also provides the game Agent Domino QQ, and it turns out there are many who are interested in this type of game.

How to Play Domino Qiu Qiu
It is important to know that in the game Agen Domino QQ there is a small card with the number 28, which this card will be played in a game table or casino table. For players who can follow this game the maximum number of only six people, and loyal players will only get 4 pieces of cards are distributed by the bookie.

Each card you get must have different or nominal value, and that will depend on the number of spots on the card you own. And here are some ways you can do to group the domino card so it is very easy for you to remember, namely sebagia the following:

Card type in its grouping:

  • Series 0
    Cards totaling 7 pieces, and each card owned by the player has a side with 0 circles or called empty.
  • Series 1
    Where the card has 6 pieces in number and each card has the value of one sphere on one side.
  • Series 2
    The card is only 5 cards, and each card has a sphere of 2 on one side of it.
  • Series 3
    In this series you only have 4 pieces of cards which on one side of the card has 3 spheres.
  • Series 4
    You only have 3 cards, and one side of the card has 4 spots.
  • Series 5
    In this series you only have 2 pieces of cards where each side or one side of the card has 5 rounds.
  • Series 6
    And the last one you only have 1 card, where the card has a sphere 6 on both sides of the card.

Counting Number of Cards In How To Play Domino Qiu Qiu
How to calculate the number of good and correct cards in the game Agent Domino QQ? You should know that the number of circles on the dominoes has different values, suppose you have a domino card with 5 spots on either side of your card, then the value of the card is 5. Well, for more details, please see the picture in below:


For a note, if the number of spots on the player’s card exceeds the Nine (9), then the first number will be omitted. Why is that? Karna in this game the largest number is Nine (9).

Well, in this game the players will get 4 pieces of card only where the card is distributed by the bookie. Each card you can divide into 2 sides, namely the right side and the left side. For the card addition process will start from the left side card first, and after that will continue to calculate the card side of the right side. For more details you can see sample images below:


For online Domino QQ games, the number of nominal cards on both sides will be automatically displayed on a computer or handpone monitor screen, so you do not have to count them.

How To Determine The Winner In The Game Of Domino Qiu Qiu

Balak highest, in the game Domino QQ the winner will be determined from the number of cards it has. Look at the picture below.

The highest number of spots indicated, the second rule or rule is, the number of spheres on the card owned by the sipemain in one part is the highest value. To be more clear note the picture below.

Ownership of a log card, the player who has a card will be determined and will be considered to have a great advantage from other players who clearly do not have a card in his hand. To be more clear can see the picture below.

Not only that, in the game Agen Domino QQ there are also some types of cards that are considered a special card. Where this card is a very rare card owned by the player, and if you get a special card, then usually the light icon will soon turn on. The special cards are the Great Pure Card, the Pure Small Card, the Custody / Twin Card and the last is the Six Gods Card.